We help you ethically promote your business without compromising on standards and value. 

Ready to go beyond the limitations of word-of-mouth and referral based business?

We help you ethically promote your business without compromising on standards and value. 

Ready to go beyond the limitations of word-of-mouth and referral based business?

Ready to accelerate the growth of your business?
Ever feel like even though you love the fitness industry, that you also HATE the fitness industry?

Well, perhaps it's not the industry itself that you're sick of, but rather what has become of the promotion of fitness. 

Ironically, just like Fad Diets, Fitness Fads, and Instapros come and go, different styles of fitness marketing also come and go just as fast. And 'tricking' people with hype into showing up at your facility is a surefire way of burning your money with little to no actual membership growth.

But how is it that with so many marketing experts and membership growth gurus out there on social media giving advice on how to grow a fitness business, that most fitness business are still operating well below their capacity?

Well the inconvenient truth is that no single secret, or single 6 week challenge, or chat bot, or body scanner is going to be your salvation.

And the just as inconvenient solution is that it takes a lot of work to get beyond organic growth and break though to a level of membership growth that is only possible when you connect with the wider local community through effective and sustainable paid promotions.

This is why our approach to 'marketing' your business is based on proven fundamentals and powered by cutting edge automations.

We specialise in helping businesses that are starting to see slowing (or sliding) organic growth and need to reach a wider part of the community to get back on track to realising their true potential.

This narrow focus means that we have an extremely deep level of expertise allowing us to progressively evaluate a series of different promotion options to find what works best for your geographic area and marketplace. And eventually create an annual promotion calendar that delivers sustainable and long term growth.

So if you're ready to cut through the hype of marketing fads,  return to business fundamentals, and put in the work, you are definitely in the right place.

Hi, I'm Matt Phillips,

Director at Fitness Pro Marketing

My interest in fitness promotion actually started quite selfishly. I just wanted my CrossFit Coach to put on an earlier Saturday morning class. He told me he needed more members. We now have that class.

My background in marketing is founded in the trenches promoting my own businesses online. This is where I learned (the hard way) that business fundamentals still hold true and creating a service of genuine value matched with an ability to connect with the full range of prospective clients equals massive success.

I've now delivered over a million dollars of my own business products to happy clients and Fitness Pro Marketing is very much a passion project created out of genuine concern of dodgy, unethical promotions I saw pervading and damaging this industry.

Subsequently, our team have now helped numerous fitness professionals grow beyond their previous membership limits. And I'd love to help you do the same.

How can Fitness Pro Marketing HELP?
As we mentioned... sustainable and predictable growth is a lot of work.

There is no magic bullet.

Someone has to do that work. 

And it's very simple.

Option 1: You do it (expensive on time)

Option 2: Outsource it (expensive on cash)

Option 3: Have us build it WITH you and then run it yourself. The best of both. Less money invested, Less time spent, MORE RESULTS.

Ready to grow? Just click the button below...

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